Vegan Nduja Spread

Vegan Nduja Spread

Original pork based N'duja is the spread of the moment for every foodie in the know. It appears on every restaurant menu worth it's salt. But what about the vegan version?


Using Italian Calabrian chillies to authentically replicate this wildly popular pork sausage spread, Veganly Deli have created a vegan version that gives the original a run for it's money.


Containing chia seeds & sweet potato, it's a healthier and lower calorie version of the fatty pork original. You can use it in place of Italian "n'duja" or Spanish "sobrasada" anywhere both are required. Toast, pizza, pasta, sauces, go wild.


Ready to eat hot or cold.


  • 100% natural & plant based
  • low in fat & calories
  • added B12 & organic hemp protein


*image is showing a wholesale sized log of nduja

  • Allergens

    gluten, soya, mustard

  • Shelf Life

    14 days unopened / 3 days once opened

    freeze up to 6 months

  • Retail Size You Receive

    nduja comes as a 200g pack