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Vegan Foie Gras (Faux Gras)

Vegan Foie Gras (Faux Gras)

Rich, creamy & indulgent, just like the real deal - French foie gras pate. Almond and button mushroom notes shine through on the palate with a hint of forest truffle. Small nuggets of toasted walnut add texture and a light smokey note to this addictive spreadable pate.


While the original meat version from France is packed with unhealthy saturated fats, this vegan version from Veganly Deli is made with a combination of cashews, cocoa butter*, coconut oil* and superfood mushroom powders reishi*, lions main* & shiitake* - making this amazingly healthy.


Ready to eat, hot or cold!

No preservatives or additives.


Comes in 200g portion.

  • Allergens & Ingredients

    cashews, cocoa butter*, cold pressed coconut oil*, white miso* (soya), nutritional yeast, cognac, herbs, mushrooms (reishi*, shiitake, portobello), tahini (sesame), walnuts, spices, truffle oil.

    *Organic ingredients

    Allergens in bold

  • Shelf Life

    14 days unopened / 3 days once opened

    freeze up to 6 months

  • Retail Size You Receive

    vegan foie gras comes as a 200g pack

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