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Black Forest Haam

Black Forest Haam

Move over ham and bacon, Veganly Deli have delivered a plant-based meat that will satisfy all! Enjoy the smokey and savoury yet slightly sweet taste that's perfect for all your lunch, dinner, buffet, and charcuterie needs. Simply slap on some bread, wrap or bagel and add your favourite plant-based spreads and toppings. Why not enjoy with some fruit such as grapes and melon, or on some crackers with plant-based cheddar cheese?


  • 100% natural & plant based
  • Low in fat & calories
  • High in protein
  • Added B12 & the superfood gutu kola
  • Allergens & Ingredients

    unbleached tofu*, beetroot, chickpea flour, garlic, nutritional yeast, tomato, onion, mustard, pineapple, parsley, white vinegar, soya sauce, vital wheat gluten, smoked paprika, urfa chilli flakes, gotu kola, spices.

    *Organic ingredients

    Allergens in bold

  • Size


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