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Artisan Vegan Food
Made By Michelin Chefs

So you had your fill of chewy, dry & bland vegan substitutes?
What if you didn't have to compromise on taste and quality to eat vegan products?

Meet Veganly Deli™, where Michelin trained chefs make gourmet vegan food taste divine.

We produce a variety of charcuterie, proper brie cheese, spicy n’duja spread and foie gras pate (faux gras). The entire range is vegan and 100% natural – without refined sugars, additives or thickeners.

What makes the meats really unique is the superfoods and protein powders. In place of standard flours, we use a mix of organic hemp, rice and pumpkin protein, upping the protein content & quality of the product dramatically. Each meat has a different added superfood, from baobab or lucuma to ayurvedic gotu kola that eases anxiety and stress.

In a nutshell - plant based scrumptious artisan food that's good for you!
High protein, low carb, high satisifaction!
For proper cheese fans - look no more! The ultimate indulgence fest!

Wheter you dabble in a plant based lifestyle, keto, paleo or simply want to supercharge your nutrional intake - you must try our creations!

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